• 08/2019: Our paper “S-FaaS: Trustworthy and Accountable Function-as-a-Service using Intel SGX” has been accepted at CCSW 2019.
  • 08/2019: I will start as a PhD student at KU Leuven in September 2019 where I will work with prof. Frank Piessens and his imec DistriNet group on Trusted Computing and guaranteed availability.

Short Vita

since 09/2019PhD student, KU Leuven (imec DistriNet), Belgium
PhD student under Prof. Frank Piessens
Working on Trusted Computing and guaranteed availability
10/2015 — 03/2019Master of Science (IT-Security), Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
Thesis title: TEE² — Combining Trusted Hardware to Enhance the Security of TEEs
Thesis supervisors: Stefan Katzenbeisser, N. Asokan. Advisor: Andrew Paverd
Link to PDF, Link to Presentation (pptx)
11/2017 — 12/2018Research Assistant, Aalto University, Finland
Master thesis worker at the Secure Systems Group under N. Asokan
06/2017 — 08/2017Research Assistant, Aalto University, Finland
Summer internship at the Secure Systems Group under N. Asokan
09/2016 — 08/2017ERASMUS+ exchange year, Aalto University, Finland
10/2011 — 9/2015Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Thesis supervisor: Klaus Wehrle. Advisor: Martin Henze